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“We envision a safe, stable, engaged East Garfield Park where success is the norm and families prosper.”

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above & beyond family recovery center

“The vision of Above and Beyond is to build an individualized treatment experience that is available to anyone in need regardless of their economic status. Our clients and clinicians create therapeutic alliances that design and execute personalized programs of recovery that co-exist side-by-side personal development and growth goals.”

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St. Leonard’s Ministries

“Believing individuals want to lead productive and whole lives, St. Leonard’s Ministries provides a setting in which men and women recently released from prison can achieve such a life. Residents are provided with an array of program services designed to assist them as they make the transition to successful, independent living. During their stay at St. Leonard’s House, Grace House and St. Andrew’s Court, residents are helped to reassess value systems, to reorder priorities and to develop socially and legally acceptable patterns of behavior.”

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“CGLA was established in 1973 to serve legal needs arising from the lack of opportunity, criminalization of poverty, and racial inequity experienced within the Cabrini Green community.”

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chicago literacy alliance

“We are dedicated to our mission of increasing the combined impact of our community’s literacy organizations by providing opportunities for creative and effective collaboration. Working together, we envision a 100% literate Chicago.”

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chicago writers association

“The Chicago Writers Association is a creative community of Chicagoland writers established in 2003 and federally registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2008. We span many genres, styles and levels of experience. Our purpose is to share information, experiences, and encouragement with those of us for whom written expression is an integral part of life.”

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help heal chicago

“Help Heal Chicago is a database of organizations that work directly with children, families, and community groups in/from Chicago’s violence-afflicted neighborhoods. It is our goal to direct people’s attention to these wonderful, passionate groups that are changing people’s lives.

Our efforts are inspired by Chicago Tribune columnist Dahleen Glanton, who implored readers to do something about Chicago’s violence — anything.

This is our Anything.”